our story

our story

Apothecary by Clean Field began as an industrial/oilfield chemical company developing reduced toxicity/natural based solutions to replace conventional toxic solutions. This division remains active as Clean Field Energy serving Alberta clients since 2018.

Natural Honey
Coconut Oil

After developing solutions for use within our home I was asked to assist in developing cleaning and moisturizer solutions for individuals with skin conditions that could not use conventional solutions.

The success of these opportunities provided me the confidence that these solutions can make a difference.

At Apothecary by Clean Field we focus on selling to those who want to reduce their toxic exposure. Concerned about the numerous chemicals that are used in common cleaning and personal care products. Individuals who are concerned about toxic residential waste and the effects on the eco-system.

 Values that drive us at Apothecary are safe, simple and effective. Striving to create natural/organic and affordable products.